Strategic Planning


Our Vision for the Hounsfield Heights-Briar Hill community is:   A quiet central residential community with friendly neighbours connected through active public spaces.

The Mission of the Hounsfield Heights Briar Hill Community Association is:  To inspire and support residents to build our community together through volunteering, social and recreational activities, and partnerships.

North Hill Centre Redevelopment Project:

Ward Councillor Druh Farrell and Bill Ptacek, CEO of the Calgary Public Library, attended our Community Board Meeting on September 10 to share news about a future redevelopment around North Hill Centre that has the potential to include both the Louise Riley Library and our Community Association building.

Concord Pacific has partnered with Sears and is planning to redevelop the Sears site. No details about the future redevelopment have been given and it's likely there will be residential and /or mixed use high rises. Bentall-Kennedy, the company who owns the rest of North Hill Centre, is also looking into redeveloping part of the mall /site.  Councillor Farrell explained that the whole site from Sears to the Library would be included in the redevelopment, including improvements to 14th Avenue.

With this kind of redevelopment there is usually funding for public improvements that could be used for expanding the Library or improving 14th Avenue.  Bentall-Kennedy is working with the Sears partnership but also wants to work with the City of Calgary and Library to have a comprehensive project plan. Mr. Ptacek told us that this is an opportunity to have the entire area involved, including our Community Association building.  His vision is a major expansion of the Library, almost doubling from its current size. Capital would come from a fund set up by the redeveloping parties. These are the very early stages of discussion and a master plan is needed thus there is no time line to report as of yet.

It was recommended by Councillor Farrell that our association have a subcommittee that could represent us in this project and be involved. For example, we might have resident architects or other residents with expertise or interests on this committee to provide input into the design etc... Since the Community Association would like to expand their facility, we would like to become involved with the NHC Redevelopment initiative at the earliest stages to best explore synergies and avoid potential conflicts with our own project.

To facilitate our community's participation in this endeavor, we have formed a committee to liaise with the City of Calgary, the Calgary Public Library, Bentall Kennedy, Concord Pacific and other Stakeholders who may become involved.  If you want to get involved or want to communicate with the committee please email As information becomes available we will keep you updated through our website

North Hill Redevelopment Workshop Documents: (Click image to open)