Events Planning

Thank you Hounsfield Heights / Briar Hill

Congratulations on a successful Community Cleanup on September 17, 2016.

The weights collected for this year:

Garbage: 11,295 kg

Organics: 2,545 kg

Total: 13,840 kg

Truck Loads Hauled: 3


Thank you to the Community Association and residents for your
commitment to help create healthy, safe and vibrant communities

2015 Community Clean up:

Garbage: 8285 Kg

Organics: 2640 Kg

Total: 10925 Kilograms

The HH-BH Community Clean Up 2015 was a great success!!  Thank you to the many volunteers that make this event possible!  See you again next year!  
Patricia Leahy



The HHBH Community Association endeavours to host social events for its residents several times a year to help neighbors get to know one another!  They typically include a Spring Fling, Stampede BBQ, Summer Solstice Party, Community Cleanup Day, and a Winter Party.  Got a great idea to bring your neighbors together?  Want to help out with one of our regular events?  We'd love to hear from you - please get in touch with us via!