Board Info

Board Meetings:

Residents are invited and encouraged to attend Board Meetings which are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month September through June. The board room is located in the Community Hall at 1922 – 14 Avenue NW.  To include an item on the agenda please contact at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting.


Parking is west of the Louise Riley Library accessed via the library driveway, the hall entrance is NE, across the soccer field. 

Board Members

Jeff Allan President
Carol Sandahl 1st Vice President & Programs (403)284-5851
Gunter Sammet 2nd Vice President & Facilities (403)210-2603
Laura Hunt Past President
Kathryn Winkler Treasurer
Joanna Greco Secretary
Diana Almeida Director - Sears Plume
Jeff Marsh Director - Strategic Planning (403)606-2774
Kathleen Staniland Director-at-Large (403)282-2719
Margaret Malchow Director - Event Planning
Rena Hu Director IT
Sandra Falconi Director - Communications (403) 690-6728
Terry Woods Director - Land Use (403)701-8856
Vacant Director - Education

Key Community Members

Cherryl Pitogo Bookkeeper
Eve Miller Indoor Soccer Program
Guy Latour Executive Director 403-282-6634
Guy Latour Gym Bookings (403) 282-6634
Sandra Falconi Beacon Submissions
Theresa Cowan Youth Badminton Program
Vacant Community Cleanup
Vacant Outdoor Soccer Program

Key Local Representatives

Allison Thomson Manager - Louise Riley Library (403)221-2047
Cst. James Dore Calgary Police Service - Community Liaison Officer 403-428-6344
Dru Mohler City of Calgary - Neighbourhood Partnership Coordinator (403) 476-7216
Michele Nolan Supervisor - Louise Riley Library (403) 221-2058