Seniors Yoga

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Description: Get moving and bring balance to your life again. Explore yoga with other seniors. We will use a series of props such as chairs, blocks, bolsters and straps to help your body ease into poses that will improve activity levels, create and build strength, and bring a new level of balance to your mind and body. Create space within the body, and move with grace through a series of Hatha /foundational poses that will gently challenge the body as well as the mind. By “flowing” as a group we will begin to create community, and share energy within the space… generating heat and building strength to nourish the body and the brain. We will work to increase mobility and the range of motion within the joints and spine, giving back to the body that has served you so well throughout life.

Instructor: Marie O’Donnell

I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years now. It started as something new to try, to see what all the“hype” was about. It quickly became so much more. There was this dread about getting into the “hot room”, excitement about getting my body to do things I never imagined it could, the feeling of accomplishment at the end my practice… but the magic was in how my brain just all of a sudden slowed down… almost shut off for 90 blissful minutes! It created a level of quiet and focus that I had never experienced before, and have never experienced anywhere else in my life since.

I completed my 200-hour teacher training through Alberta Yoga College in 2017. In the last two years, I havealso completed: The Yin Method, Adagio Barre and The Adjuster Method teacher trainings through Breathe Hot Yoga. I truly believe yoga is for everyone- and especially for those who think they can’t. It is astonishing what our bodies can do with a little bit of love, encouragement, and self-care… I guarantee you will begin to amaze yourself each and every day that you practice… both on and off of your mat. And then you will become addicted… it's inevitable! I can’t explain it, and you probably won’t be able to either but there is this place- the space you find on your mat- that keeps you coming back. No matter what kind of day you’ve had, no matter what is going on around you; that space is there, waiting for you, calling you back; to heal, to listen, to grow, to be at peace with yourself. It may sound contradictory; but for me, yoga is about getting out of your head and into your body, and at the very same time, getting out of your body and into your head.

Session: January 8 to February 12 - 6 weeks

Day: Monday's

Time: 3:00-4:00

Location: HHBH Board Room


Non Member: $75.00

Member: $65.00

Drop in: $15.00

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