Presidents Message - April

Spring has sprung – April is here!
Over the last few months your HH-BH board’s focus con-tinues to be:

1.    The Sears Plume
2.    Banff Trail Motel Village Development
3.    Community Centre Expansion
4.    City of Calgary Secondary Suite Regulatory Change

Work on the Sears Plume has resulted in concrete gov-ernmental action with the province issuing an Environ-mental Protection Order to the property owners and Sears. This will ensure that the efforts to clean up the plume continue. The efforts of the community at large, the HH-BH board, and concerned residents, helped to ensure this was realized. The HH-BH board will continue its efforts to keep the right parties accountable for and actioning the clean up. I urge you to read the details that have been assembled to inform community residents.

The Banff Trail Motel Village Development appeal was not successful but again the collaboration between dir-ectly impacted residents and the HH-BH board realized a combined effort and brought a very strong argument to the Sub Division Appeals Board (SDAB). At the time of writing this note we do not have the final details on why the SDAB supported the applicant. Once that infor-mation is available it will be shared with residents. I ex-pect that it has already been published as you read this. This experience has reinforced the resolve of the HH-BH board to look for early engagement opportunities with developers to maximize the opportunity for community benefit.

The HH-BH Community Centre Expansion is an ongoing project and we are moving through the stages with careful deliberation. Your input and feedback will en-sure the best possible renovation to maximize the rel-evance and flexibility of the community centre.
Finally, the secondary suites issue will be with us for some time and it is being monitored carefully. Please watch the website for ongoing updates to keep you informed. This is a city-wide issue and while we are fo-cused on the priorities you have given the HH-BH board, based on the recent survey, it is a challenging issue.

Please remember your attendance is welcomed at the Board meetings, which are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Thursday of each month from September through June at the HH-BH Community Hall at 1922 – 14 Avenue NW. Attending these meetings is a great way to stay up to date on what is happening and to ensure your ideas and concerns are heard and incorporated into the management of the HH-BH community asso-ciation. To include an item on the agenda please contact at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting. If you are unable to attend in person, please write me at