Motel Village Development Meeting With Developer

Wednesday, June 14, 7:00 to 9:00 pm

It will be held at the Go-Getters Club Room @ West Hillhurst Community Association


We would like community residents to be aware of a new project underway in Motel Village at 2416 16 Ave NW (the site on which Boston Pizza and Canada's Best Value Inn presently exist) to build a mixed-use development. The project is a 30-storey high-rise with 328 units to house over 500 students. The tower will be connected to a four-storey building consisting of professional and commercial office space, and including a medical clinic and a large restaurant. The 30-storey tower is located in the northeast portion of the site. The large restaurant is located at grade and is oriented toward a plaza that runs along the east property line with the existing lane.

The estimated 2-year construction phase of this project will certainly affect those who live between 16th Ave and 14th Ave close to Crowchild Trail with increased traffic impacts, noise and dust. 

The project will also impact the rest of our community. Once fully occupied, the higher residential and commercial population in Motel Village will mean increased traffic through our neighbourhood, in the shopping mall and to recreational areas in the community.

The new date for Council hearing for this project is July 31st where the public can attend and present to Council. 

A second parcel in Motel Village is also being considered for densification. It lies between the McDonald’s restaurant and Banff Trail (road). This one proposes to accommodate a mix of 2,500 sq metres of retail and 21,200 sq metres of office space, 100 hotel rooms and 230 residential units.

There is no doubt we are an inner city community and big changes are inevitable in the coming years. While it is not feasible to stop these large scale developments in and around our community, we can provide input to ensure the best outcome for both our community and Calgary's growing needs.