HHBH: Planning Matters @ City Council on July 31, 2017

Two planning matters going before Calgary City Council on July 31, 2017, will impact Hounsfield Heights - Briar Hill and are of concern to the Community Association and residents. The City of Calgary Planning Department and the Calgary Planning Commission are recommending APPROVAL and ADOPTION of both these items. As such, we strongly encourage you to read on to learn more about these matters and if you have concerns about them to share them with City Council immediately as the decisions made on these matters at the July 31 meeting will be final and may not be appealed.

Item #1: CPC2017-273: ARP Amendment for 1616 11 Ave NW

Description: Bylaw 47P2017 - A proposed amendment to the Hounsfield Heights - Briar Hill Area Redevelopment Plan would change the land use policy for the site located at 1616 11 Avenue NW to exempt the site from the restrictions on subdivision and development in the Area Redevelopment Plan.

Background: Over the past several years the owner of 1616 11 Ave NW has submitted numerous applications to redevelop this site. However, for various reasons, residents in the immediate vicinity have objected to the proposals such that none of the applications have succeeded. Specifically, on appeal, one of the proposals was denied on the basis that it was in contravention of the provision in the HHBH Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) that "Re-subdivision of existing lots should respect the general development and subdivision plan of the adjacent area". As such, the owner is now applying to have this site exempted from this provision of the ARP to enable subdivision.

Community Concerns:  While the HHBH Community Association does not object to the potential subdivision of this site, the precedent set by allowing this site to be exempted from the ARP is unacceptable. Allowing a single otherwise unremarkable site to be exempted from the ARP seriously jeopardizes the integrity and future applicability of the ARP. Despite its age, the Community Association believes the ARP to be both current and relevant based on the frequency and recency of which it has been used by residents to shape redevelopment within the community and it is of the utmost importance that the ARP be upheld. Also, residents in the immediate vicinity of the site continue to object to its potential subdivision.

Additional Information:
2017-05 - City of Calgary Notice of Application (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-06-01 - HHBH CA Submission to Administration (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-06-15 - Calgary Planning Commission Agenda for Item 5.16 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-06-15 - Calgary Planning Commission Minutes for Item 5.16 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2016...)
2017-06-15 - Calgary Planning Commission Video for Item 5.16 (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz5fIs2y8CEYVDRxM05iYmJiN0E)
2017-07-20 - HHBH CA Submission to Council (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-07-31 - Calgary City Council Agenda Item for CPC2017-273 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-07-31 - Calgary City Council Agenda Material for CPC2017-273 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/1616_11_Ave_NW-2017...)

Item #2: CPC2017-265: Station ARP Amendment & Land Use Redesignation for 2416 16 Ave NW

Description: Bylaw 42P2017 - This proposal is to amend the Banff Trail Station Area Redevelopment Plan to include criteria the Development Authority must consider before relaxing maximum floor plate area requirements for buildings above 32 metres & Bylaw 266D2017 - To redesignate 0.65 hectares ± (1.6 acres ±) located at 2416 – 16 Avenue NW (Plan 2229GK, Block 4) from DC Direct Control District to DC Direct Control District to accommodate mixed-use development.

Background:  There is a project underway in Motel Village at 2416 16 Ave NW (the site on which Boston Pizza and Canada's Best Value Inn presently exist) to build a mixed-use development that includes a 30-storey student high rise with 328 housing units for over 500 students. The tower will be connected to a 4-storey podium that will be used for professional and commercial uses to accommodate a medical clinic and a large restaurant. The tower is located in the northeast portion of the site. The large restaurant is located at grade within the podium and is oriented toward a plaza that runs along the east property line with the existing lane.  The two proposals presently before Council pertain to the building envelope on the site and footprint of the development. More specific detail is encompassed in the development permit for which an application has been submitted but is still under consideration by the city and will be brought forward for a public hearing at Council at a future date.

Community Concerns: Community residents are concerned about the potential impact that this development will have on our neighborhood including, but not limited to, its overall height (30 stories will make it the tallest structure in a very large radius of the site), parking concerns (both onsite and overflow into our community), increased traffic (both pedestrian & vehicular) and utilization of area infrastructure.

Additional Information:
Banff Trail Redevelopment Concerns Google Group (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/hhbh-banff-trail-redevelopment-c...)
2016-09 - City of Calgary Notice of Application (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-LOC2...)
2016-09 - Site Map (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-LOC2...)
2016-09 - Applicant's Submission (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-LOC2...)
2017-06-14 - Minutes from Community Meeting with Campus Suites (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-06-15 - Calgary Planning Commission Agenda for Item 5.17 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-06-15 - Calgary Planning Commission Minutes for Item 5.17 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-06-15 - Calgary Planning Commission Video for Item 5.17 (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bz5fIs2y8CEYdDMyZzZtenRuMUE)
2017-06-20 - Bunt & Associates - Parking Study Conclusions (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-07-31 - Calgary City Council Agenda Item for CPC2017-265 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-2017...)
2017-07-31 - Calgary City Council Agenda Material for CPC2017-265 (http://www.hh-bh.ca/sites/hhbh/files/drive_files/120/2416_16_Ave_NW-2017...)

Express Your Comments to the Decision Makers

If you have comments or concerns you wish to have heard on either of both of these matters, here are three ways that you can voice them to City Council:

1.  Submit written comments to the City Clerk's Office as outlined in the Agenda for the meeting: "Persons wishing to submit a letter, public opinion poll or other communication concerning these matters may do so provided they are printed, typewritten or legibly written and include the name of the writer, mailing address, electronic address (as applicable) and must focus on the application and its planning merits.  Only those submissions received by the City Clerk not later than 10:00 a.m., THURSDAY, 2017 July 20, shall be included in the Agenda of Council. Late submissions will not be accepted in the City Clerk’s Office. Submissions must be addressed to: Office of the City Clerk, The City of Calgary, 700 Macleod Trail SE, P.O. Box 2100, Postal Station “M”, Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5. Submissions may be hand delivered, mailed, faxed to 403-268-2362, or emailed to cityclerk@calgary.ca."

2. Submit your comments directly to the mayor and city councillors prior to July 31, 2017.  Contacts for them can be found here (http://www.calgary.ca/CityCouncil/Pages/Councillors-and-Wards.aspx)

3. Speak at the public hearing as outlined in the Agenda for the meeting: "Any person who wishes to address Council on any matter mentioned herein may do so for a period of FIVE MINUTES. The five (5) minutes shall be exclusive of any time required to answer questions. Persons addressing Council shall limit their comments to the matter contained in the report and the recommendations being discussed. Contact the City Clerk at 403-268-5861 for further information."

Calgary City Council Meeting Agenda for July 31, 2017 (http://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Documents/public-hearing-on-planning-matter...)

Jeff Marsh

Director of Strategic Planning