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Gain Ease, Balance, Resilience and Confidence this Winter: Improve your movement intelligence in these user friendly Feldenkrais classes.

Description: Join Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practioner Jennifer Herzog for a series of 6 or 12 Awareness Through Movement® classes on Wednesday Mornings. Would you like to find a new way of reaching your fitness goals? Does pain and stiffness hold you back from enjoying daily activities? While habits, stress, repetition, pain, neurological challenges and injury limit our choices, The Feldenkrais Method® can help each one of us to improve the way we feel and function. Learn to improve your ‘movement intelligence’ by joining this series of Awareness Through Movement® classes. In these 'user-friendly' classes, you'll begin with minimal movements that engage your attention and nervous system. Following gentle, verbally led movements you'll progress to sequences designed to improve awareness, coordination and balance. Whether your movement is limited, or whether you’d like to improve performance in sports, music, yoga or running - you can benefit from learning more biomechanically efficient movement patterns. "The Feldenkrais Method has allowed me to play pain-free golf, without worrying about injury" Duffy Waldorf, PGA Tour Golfer “The Feldenkrais Method is a powerful way to unlock the secrets of our bodies. It allows the linking of movement, expression, and spontaneity, as well as providing an approach to healing physical and neurological injuries”. - James Oldham, M.D. What is the Feldenkrais Method?

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Dr Moshe Feldenkrais and his method is featured in the New York Times Best Seller "The Brain's Way of Healing" by Dr Norman Doidge. “…the brain only changes when it matters to it…it has to be engaged in the task” Dr Michael Merzenich, a pioneer in brain plasticity research. Awareness Through Movement and Functional Integration The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education

Instructor: Jennifer Herzog has been teaching movement since the year 2000 when she completed a 2-year yoga teaching training. Her curiosity for learning and exploring movement led her to the 4 year Feldenkrais Practitioner training in 2004. This year, in 2017 she completed a 2-year training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy. She has worked with dancers, musicians, athletes and people of all ages - always with the question: "How can I offer you the right tools? Tools for you to learn and appreciate more about your self, so that you may discover new ways to move towards your goals?" She works with individuals to shape a program for their needs and teaches classes and specialized workshops. She is also launching her private practice in craniosacral therapy. "I hope you feel welcome to try a class or a private lesson. Feldenkrais offers such unique possibilities for growth & change; and has only become more exciting and meaningful to me each passing year."

Session: September 20 to October 25 9:30 – 10:30 AM and November 1 – December 6 9:30 – 10:30 AM

Day: Wednesday’s Time: 9:30 am – 10:30 am

Location: HHBH Board Room

Session: 6 weeks: Non Members $132 / $105 HHBH Members

               12 week: Non Members $240 / $192 HHBH Members

Drop in: $25.00

Onlilne Registation November 1 - December 6

Session: January 10 to February 14 and February 21 to March 28th

Day: Wednesday’s

Time: 9:30 am – 10:30 am



Session: 6 weeks: Non Members $132

                                12 week: Non Members $240

Member:               6 weeks: Members: $105 

                                12 week: Members: $192

Drop in: $25.00

Online Registation for January 10 to February 14

Online Registation for February 21 to March 28

Online Regiatation for both January 10 to March 28

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